We our proud to feature products sourced from a variety of local vendors.  


Because where there's coffee, there's community, collaboration, and connectedness.

Coffee Roasters

Day Break

Founder Scott Gloyna takes great pride in the quality and flavor of the beans that he chooses. Semi annual trips to South America ensure that he sees firsthand the coffee plantation operations and samples the product that will ultimately find its way to you first thing on an early morning.  (via website)

Website. www.dbcr.com

Tel. 806.687.6887

Coffee Roasters


With over thirteen years of combined experience, our roasting team is dedicated to quality, education, and ethical sourcing. Our mission is to make an economic impact in the coffee industry. 

Focusing on ethically sourced, quality coffee, education and industrial development, our goal is to work with farmers & our customers to provide the best products at the fairest prices.

(via website)

Website. www.facebook.com/suspensioncoffeeroasters/

Email.  suspensioncoffeeinfo@gmail.com

Tel. 806.790.6614

Coffee Roasters

Gold Stripe

Gold Stripe is a Lubbock coffee roastery offering specialty roasted coffee and mobile espresso catering services in West Texas.

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Website. www.goldstripecoffee.com

Email.  goldstripecoffee@gmail.com

Tel. 806.412.7303